Store base coordinate for each project

Hello everyone…
Just wondering if it is possible to store the base coordinates for every project so that when we use the project again it would be more convenient that going through the several projects then looking for the point will be using as base coordinates.



This is great. I work on 3 to 4 different job sites a day and each one only twice a month… I’m just glad I can do talk to text and all of our projects are number coded.


Hey everyone,

From what I understand, you can store the base point in each specific project and then use the Point Picker tool in the Base Mode to choose it. This would seem like the workflow you’re looking for.

So just record a base point to the project and add a description so that you know it’s a base. Then you can use it as your base position. Let me know if it works for you!

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Just name the point used for a base “base”. Doesn’t get much easier.

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Hello Dave,
That’s actually what I’m doing.

Still it would be time consuming looking for the project then scanning for the point you mark as base.

Anyway thanks for your time.


Hi Mon,

It sounds like you are using points from one project as base coordinates for multiple other projects? If that is the case, could you not just create a specific project in RV3 that contains only points you use to set up a base and then you don’t need to remember in what project a particular base point is located?

Just wanted to add that Dave’s suggestion sounds like a solid plan :slight_smile: But of course we’ll think if there’s any way we can make it less time consuming for you.

Hello everyone,
Thanks for the response…

Partially yes since it confirmed that what I was doing…

Then NO since my request is to restore base configurations, so that all we have to do is just to select the project name then go to the rover and create a new project…


Hi Mon,

So, just to confirm, you’re looking forward to the ability of copying the point from one project to another?

This comes up for us when we do our own CORS. It’s easy enough though to import that point into each project. Especially with the awesome cloud!

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