Stop & Go with RV3 wont produce corrected positions

I’m trying to post process 2 points collected out on site in single, but I cant work out why Emlid studio and the Stop & Go with RV3 wont create the corrected locations for these points.

I am using a virtual base Rinex File from SmartNet, then using the Rover Rinex and navigation file. (Have also tried the virtual base navigational file also, and still wont work). Then importing the Raw CSV file in from Emlid reach. I have checked the time coverage and all looks correct. Not sure why it wont work?? Does anyone have any idea?

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Hi Tristan,

Can you please share the raw data files with us here or over We’ll check how we can improve the results.

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Hello Andreeva & Tristan,
for the benefit of others who may experience similar challenges; please publish what could be done differently in order to avoid these undesirable results.

Thank you

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Hi Adrian. I ended up updating to Emlid 1.5 and this resolved the issue.