Stop & Go "Point timestamps can't be converted"


I am trying to use Emlid Studio 1 Stop & Go. I already have a .pos file obtained from using RTKpost. My CSV file was originally from Reach Panel but I imported it into ReachView3 then exported it as a new CSV file. When I drag and drop both the .pos and CSV file into the Stop & Go: Generating Corrected CSV options, I get the error: “Point timestamps can’t be converted. make sure that your are using CSV from ReachView3.”

Then, I checked to see if my CSV file had proper time stamps. It did not at first, so I copied and pasted correct timestamps into Excel for the CSV file. Tried to process it again and received the same error. No system report available.

Please help!

Hi Maya,

Welcome to the community forum!

Can you please share your processing files and CSV with me? Just want to take a look at them.

Hi Julia,

I think I might have screwed up early on in my Post Processing process. I will reach out again if I need help and thank you for your help thus far!

Hi Julia, for sure!

Emlid won’t let me upload attachments yet so I will send you the link to a folder with my data.

Please let me know if you were able to access it.



Yes, I’ve downloaded your files. Thank you! I’ll check them and get back to you with my thoughts.

P.S. Community forum is exactly the place to share your questions. So if you have any, feel free to ask anytime.

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Hi Maya,

I’ve checked the data. The CSV file you shared contained all the necessary fields from ReachView 3. However, the date info lacked the time zone information. Once I added it, Emlid Studio accepted the file. Here is the link to the corrected CSV.

In further surveys, you can collect the points directly in the ReachView 3 app. It’ll make the CSV file compatible with Emlid Studio without additional conversion.

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Could I have some help with this as well? First time using emlid studio and need to correct points from a survey. We have everything completed up to this point using ppk/ stop and go. Just need to upload the csv of the points. We used Fieldgenius to collect our points ( we use this primarily as our data collector) We then imported that csv back into Reachview 3 and exported back out a new csv that was from ReachView thinking this would make the csv compatible with Emlid Studio. After we exported out of Reachview we added the timestamps back in including the UTC. Still is not working. Is there another way to convert our csv to be compatible with Emlid stuidio? The error says “point time stamps cant be converted, make sure you are using CSV from ReachView 3”. It is unfortunate that we did not know this before doing our work, hoping there is a way to convert our csv. Thanks

Hi @dsmith ,

Please send me your CSV files: the initial one from FieldGenius and the exported one from ReachView 3. I’ll take a look and try to fix it for accepting by Emlid Studio.

You can do it via PM as there is a sensitive data or email us via

Thank you! Will send tomorrow, I appreciate it.

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