Stop and go csv observations too short?

I tried to post process some points from the Emlid Flow CSV file in Stop and Go routine but I am not getting any corrections on the points. (message: 0 of 33 points were averaged in Single, Float, Fix)

I am using the RINEX log from the rover, a RINEX log from a local CORS antenna, and the nav file from the same CORS. I get a useable position file but the correction process doesn’t work out. I checked the CSV and the averaging time for each point was only 1 second. Is that too short to get corrected data for?

Thanks for any input you can provide,


Can you upload the raw data? Easiest to make a we-transfer link or similar.

Hi @tbwalker,

You’re right: the reason for the issue is that you used instant collecting without averaging in Emlid Flow. This is described in this post in our forum:

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