STL design challenge: Bubble level attachment for Reach RS

On the forum I see a lot of Reach RS mounted in unique ways. Having a bubble level would a step toward better leveling (and centering over a point) for those who don’t use the traditional tripod and tribrach.

I humbly beg you not to judge the misshapen rendition of Reach RS that follows:

… and I challenge you to create an STL file for this concept bubble level attachment and share it here with everyone!

If I get brave enough, I may take up the challenge myself, but I figured it was better to put the idea out there and see if there were any talented individuals who wanted to tackle it.

  • It would be nice to provide information on how to obtain the bubble level which fits the design and also the screw size and length.

  • Bonus points for a second design that incorporates two bubble levels. One of standard sensitivity and one of higher sensitivity.


Here is the design concept for the dual bubble version:

Your design doesn’t have to match my drawing. As long as it accomplishes the purpose, everyone will be happy, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

  • additional bonus points if the design will fit within the borders of the Reach RS case
  • it is assumed that some of the foam must be cut way to make room

Would it be possible to get the actual measurements for bottom and lid section? @emlid

Its a multitool.
5/8 tread bottom, 1/4 top. Made of cnc alloy or similar. It has a slide in/out arm with build in bubble. and i was thinking of a coffecup holder on the other side… maybe to much with a cupholder??
It also has hole for cable and a lock tight screw so the RS would not turn it self of. And finally a keyring hole to strap i to anything. (12.0 KB)


Wow. I didn’t expect anyone to come up with the design today, let alone in < 3 hours! Nice one.:clap:

And too funny with the cupholder comment there TB_RTK. :laughing:

To everyone else: Don’t let this stop you from sharing your own design. The more, the merrier!

Yea… a cupholder would probably make a mess one day or complaints about to much drinking at work.
Could swap it with a dual bubble ? Offset arm with 5/8 thread so you can slide RS outside the center of a tripod?
I actually have another idea, but have to do some actuall work now


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