Still not shipping?

I believe I ordered my Reach RS units back in March or April. Your website keeps pushing back the shipping dates and now it says shipping in August… Whats going on? Are these units going to ship this year? Can you give us any insights as to why the shipping date keeps getting moved back?

I think the dates you are seeing are for people who are purchasing today, so that doesn’t apply if you pre-ordered a long time ago.

As far as I know shipping should finally be starting this week - but that is hearsay - not official. If you ordered that long ago, then when shipping starts I’m sure you’ll be one of the first to know!

Hi Matt,

The shipping date on the website is only for new orders. We keep changing it as we have much higher demand than we planned for and manufacturing needs some time to catch up. For example all planned capacity for July and August is already sold out, so we are only able to deliver new orders in early September.
We are in the process of production ramp up, so we should be up to speed with orders by late August - beginning of September.

First batch delay is a different story, all uncertainty over the last two weeks was caused by a warehouse move of our logistics provider. It was absolutely the worst timing possible. Due to the relocation they had peak load and were not able to process our stock in a timely manner.

Most of the first batch backorders got shipped today and we expect to ship them all out by Monday.


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I would like to get status update on the shipments. When I ordered at the end of May, the estimated delivery was estimated to be middle of June (second batch). What is the estimate on the second batch deliveries? I live in Finland if it matters.

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