Still losing logs

Previously I’ve lost some logs from my M2 to Reachview3. I thought as suggested to update to the latest firmware, but yesterday I still lost two logs. One was after landing. I stopped recording I waited for the log to compress and saw it was on the latest list of logs files. Two flights later and that log was gone. Also had one log just outright disappear. I had set the rover to record raw and hit a few camera exposures to make sure the M2 was recording them. When I landed, no log was recording! I believe I was on 28beta3 and now 28.2. Any ideas?

A little edit. Would temperature make a difference to the session that just shut down? I was flying in -17c conditions, which is warmer than the -20 rating.

Hi Shaun,

I remember that we discussed this issue a while ago. Since the firmware update doesn’t help, let’s investigate it further. Please check your PM. I’ve written you there as we may need to share sensitive info.

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