Step by step guide for dummies

Hi looking for a step by step guide to run APM on NAVIO+ with raspberry pi. I am building a 550 hexacopter and have no clue what I am doing :smile:
I bought the navio2 with raspberry PI modb , e310 tuned propulsion pack.
sooo… where do I start

Hi Mervyn,

Welcome! I think these are good places to start:
Navio+ docs
APM copter wiki

I also suggest that you read through this community forum, many build has been discussed here.

I have bought most of my parts and heres the list and prices are in USD

F550 Frame: $50

Raspberry Pi Mod B: $35

Navio2 board: $168.00
NAVIO2 GPS/GNSS antenna MCX: $12.00
NAVIO2 Wire pack for Navio2: $9.00
NAVIO2 Power module : $16.00

E310 Tuned Propulsion Sytem (Motors and ESCs): $300

FrSky 2.4G ACCST Taranis X9D Plus Transmitter With X8R Receiver: $223.99

FrSKY SBUS to CPPM Decoder: $15

Shock absorber: $5

Foldable GPS antenna mount : $9

Multistar High Capacity 4S 8000mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack: $45 ( to run Navio)

Total [so far] : $887.99

still need to buy: Battery for motor/esc, Camera Gimbal and Gimbal.

I haven’t really calculated total weight yet.

Have already calibrated Radio Transmitter, Compass, Accelerometer.

I need to buy another battery as I would like separate one to run motors (e310 pack)

Does anyone know if the E310 Propulsion pack is compatible with a 6S battery? I am confused by power requirements.

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A few things to consider:

  1. Do not buy a Raspberry Pi model B. At least a Raspiberry Pi 2 or even a 3.

  2. You do not need a SBUS to CPPM decoder. Navio2 can handle SBUS directly.

  3. I think you have some misunderstandings regarding batteries. A 8000mAh 4s battery has 14,8V nominal Voltage, so it has about 118Wh. A Raspberry Pi 3 consumes 5W, so you could run it for almost a day from that battery (leaving out the BEC losses).

3a. It does not really make sense to run the Raspberry and the Motors from two different batteries. If you want to get some kind of redundancy, you will not get it that way. If the power supply for either part fails, your copter is going down.

3b. The 8000mAh 4s battery should serve perfectly well as the single power source for your copter.

  1. The E310 power system has a max voltage of 17,4V. 3s battery is recommended, 4s is max.
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Thanks for the info!

How’s the build working? I am considering an F550 or S550 build and was curious if you have learned any tips. I did see you had the DJI E310 motor/esc package, but that is a set of 4 and the 550’s are hexacopters right?