How to set static on rs+?

Under RTK Settings.

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Hi, we need a bit more information to give you a god answer.

What gear, devices and services are you using and what are you measuring?
This is also good place to start

I want to measure the garden area, is it good to use the static method? Using rs+

You could use static but kinematick should work as well.

  • Kinematic - most used positioning mode, assumes that the receiver is moving
  • Static - an assumption is made that Reach is static. Constraining the system helps to resolve ambiguities faster as well as produce measurements with higher precision

The signal cannot be in the forest area so I will try static

If you don’t have a live correction feed (RTK), it doesn’t matter if you use static or kinematic in the selection window of Reachview.

You choose static or kinematic during postprocessing AFTER the survey.

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You likely not get beyond a float solution under deep foliage. The multi-frequency RS2 is better in coping with this, but only so far, of course.

Also have in mind, fix-and-hold might get you a fixed solution, but, this mode can also keep holding on to a false fix, this is especially the case on the vertical axis.

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