Static survey using RS2+

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I’ve a curiosity about the use of two RS2+
Regarding a survey in the middle of nowhere, where I don’t have a ntrip service, no network available and there is NOT a known point to place one receiver, is it possible perform a Static Survey using two RS2+ (one as “static receiver” and the other one as a “base”, on emlid studio) trying to obtain a starting point with an accuracy around mm? of course leaving in acquisition the two receivers for some hours…

It sounds like you are trying achieve an more accurate absolute starting position. It really won’t help obtaining either an more accurate relative or absolute position just by themselves as two static receivers and then processing in Emlid Studio. You can’t “cook” a better position with the two “Base” receivers with both on unknown starting points and expect a more accurate position with PPK afterwards, if you are trying to tie into a CRS. You would have to log one as the Base for an couple of hours and then PPP the Base and then adjust/shift your (Rover) survey points.
If you need absolute position you would need to log for an couple hours and turn the the data into one of the PPP services. See here:

See here for the explanation on either type of positioning:
Placing the base | Reach RS2/RS2+.
Usually if operating in an area with no known points, you would set up the Base and then use Average single position set to 2-5 mins to get a starting point. Survey your points with your Rover that is communicating with the Base, usually over the built in LORA connection and you will then have relative cm accuracy to your Base depending on the distance between the two units. Then after logging your Base for 15mins to 24hrs depending on which PPP service you use, you would then have an absolute position for your Base and use that shift to adjust your Rover points.


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I absolutely agree with @mark1st.john. In a remote area, the only way to obtain an absolute position is by using PPP.

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@mark1st.john @svetlana.nikolenko thanks a lot! very appreciated


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