Static Survey of Survey Mark Height above mark

Hi I recently undertook a static survey of a survey mark as I had questions on its accuracy. I set up an RS2 on a tripod above this mark and measured to the bottom of the receiver and forgot to record this measurement of the height of the receiver above the survey mark. Is there a way to recover this measurement from the log files? Or given that I set up the base manually and included the height above the know point is the real elevation?


If the height value was entered in the settings section of the raw logging interface, the height value should appear in the RINEX log header. Look for the ANTENNA: DELTA H/E/N line. Your ARP measurement should be the first value.


Thank You your response was most helpful.

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Hi @bryan.scoles,

Agree with Gabriel. This value can also be checked in Emlid Studio. Once you upload the log to the base or rover section, the app will read it and show it to you in the Measured height field.