Static Public IP

Is the connection to the RS3 over a public static IP secure or does it have the same issue as the RS2+? I would like to set one up as a remote base.

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Hi Anthony,

The public static IP connection works the same way on all our receivers. Could you clarify what kind of issues you mean?

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I don’t like the idea of anybody able to access the device and change settings without my knowledge. I think I found a work around by adding an independent cellular modem with wifi router that has built in firewall. With this method I should be able to access the emlid through VPN.

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Seems like Emlid should add to the Reach firmware an option to at least enable/disable (toggle) password protection for permanent base setups?

By default, no password needed, but an option to.

Hi Anthony, Tim,

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll add it to our internal feature request list.