static measurement with emlid reach rs2

how to make a static measurement with the reach rs2?
como hacer una medición estática con el reach rs2?

Just place your RS2 units on the 2 control points that you want to measure. Set recording interval to 1 hz. Start logging. After 2-3-5 hours depending on how far the 2 points are, stop logging raw data. Download and convert to Rinex and post process.


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You can collect the points with the static rover in RTK using the Survey tool of ReachView. You can set Static parameter in the rover’s RTK Settings. When Reach RS2 is in Fix status, the recommended default values for the required observation time is 40 seconds.

As an alternative, you can do the PPK method that Juan has mentioned. I believe these guides might be of help to you:

Also, you can use only one Reach to acquire the precise position of the base. Please check the PPP guide for more details.

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