Static File Single Frequency

I collected Static data and I try to send it to Washington State Reference Network and have their online software process a coordinate and I get a warning saying data has to be Dual Frequency.

What is going on. I have not changed any settings and this happened.


Hi, loseyd.

According to WAY , the file has dual frequency measurements. Sounds like there are some issues on WSRN side.


Hi @loseyd,

How’s it going? Were you able to process your data?

I tried to upload the .obs file you shared, and the processing went well. As @sat.kernelsat, it’s possible that there were some issues on the WSRN side.

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I am in contact with WSRN to try an figure out a solution for next time. As for now I used a local CORS and Emlid Studio to calculate a NAD83 position.

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I see. Thank you for the update! If you don’t mind sharing WSRN’s advice, that would be great. It would help others if they encounter the same issue as you.

Thank you so much!

Still working on it. Last weekend I collected 2 static sesdions and both processed fine. Still waiting to hear back.


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