Static File (2hrs) only contains the *.LLh file

I just collect 2 hours static with a Emlid RS2+ and after downloading file and unzipping it only contains the LLH file. Do I need to factory reset the RS2+?

Hi Rob,

Did your Reach RS2+ have a clear sky view during the recording? If so, please generate a full system report and send it to us. To keep it private, you can email it to

I’ve just tried to download my logs as well for a job I did yesterday and am having the same issue. I had the equipment set up for over 8 hours and can only see a .LLH file and no Rinex file. I will also submit a full system report to the team. Your assistance will be much appreciated

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No, a missing .POS file and the presence of only an .LLH file likely doesn’t necessitate a factory reset of your Emlid RS2+

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