Starting RS2 takes about 1.5Minutes?

Hello, everyone.
When starting the RS2, it takes a relatively long time before I can select it with the Reachview app.
It takes about 1.5 minutes.
Is there any way to shorten this time?
Is that an incorrect setting?


What’s going on with the LED status of the receiver while it’s booting? Do LEDs blink one by one rapidly, like in the attached gif? Or do LEDs stay solid while Reach is still unavailable to select in ReachView 3?

1.5 minuts sounds about right.
Can you tell us a little about your workflow, and why the start-up time is important is important to you?


Since we do not have a flat-rate subscription for the correction service, but only pay per use in minutes, we switch the RS2 off again and again in between.

yes, the LEDs are flashing,

could I also switch off the correction service and the RS2 remains on and connected to the reachview?

Just disable Correction Input instead. Much better way. That way, you also keep your sat-lock and ephemeris in place.



I agree with Christian. You can turn off the correction input instead of turning off the receiver.

I just want to add that 1.5 minutes is okay in general if the interval between turning on and off is short. The system requires a bit more time to boot up after these actions.

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