Start logging data automatically at Reach startup

I am planning to use a Reach RS as a base station over a known or unknown point (not decided yet) and several Reach modules (up to 10) as rovers. I will collect raw data from the base and rovers and post process the files to get the motions of the rovers relative to the base station. I plan to collect 2 log files (lasting up to 3 hours each) per rover per day over a period of 3 days (i.e., potentially up to 60 log files for all rovers combined over 3 days).

I would like to be able to power up a rover and have it start logging data automatically without having to go into the ReachViewApp and clicking start, because I don’t want to have to do this 20 times per day for 3 days! Can a Reach module be setup to automatically start logging on startup? If so, how?

You just enable the logs you want to record. It doesn’t matter if the power is turned off afterward. When power is turned back on, Reach will still record the log files. In fact you have to explicitly disable the log recording if you want it to stop. In other words, the log recording state is persistent through reboot or power-cycling.


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Thank you bide! I didn’t realize that the logging settings meant that it was always logging. I assumed that they only applied when you where actually surveying into a project. That solved this issue.

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Yeah, logging has been there since the beginning and survey projects are a more recently added feature. They are separate and not dependent on each other.

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