Stakout Update

The zoom level when entering the survey or when moving between points is zoomed all the way out every time.
It would be great to have it automatically zoom to layer.

Bigger update would be the ability to use stakeout for trench depths…Set Reach at known depth than have it show how close you are to the initial point further down the trench.


I agree. Basically what we call a hold-down for different assemblies.

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Can I ask you to clarify this workflow?

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Essentially they want a “laser transit.”

I would just buy a transit setup and not have to rely on a good fix for this use.

Yes. It would basically function as a laser transit.

  1. Set Reach at known or desired depth.
  2. Record Elevation
  3. Be able to walk along trench and check the elevation, relative to the desired depth.

It would be nice if you could input a pitch or slope relative to the original point as well.

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