Stakeout update please

Hi there,

I would love to hear how the promised stakeout option is progressing. It would be a major improvement over going out in the field with a piece of paper and compare the coordinates from the ReachRS with those printed… Alternatively I would be interested in a workaround for android or windows (pass reachview output into ???) but surely stakeout can’t be that hard to implement?

Love almost everything else about the ReachView approach! Well done so far and keep improving,



Thanks for the feedback. We are working on it.

It kinda is, when you consider all the things you need to do for the whole feature to work :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback Egor. Sounds like we’re a wee while off getting stakeout yet…

It would help me a great deal if reachview could do the most basic of stakeout: you want to get to x,y (load point) and get told your lat is out by … and your long is out by …(substract current location from point)
I get that “go 341.55 metre SSE” is a bit trickier and location dependent.

The load point feature would also be nice to have when returning a base station to a known location :wink:

In the meantime when I have a moment I will have a play with Mapit GIS as suggested elsewhere by Simon Allen…
Also would like to get my hands on surveyor Nicholas’ StretchRTK apk but the link in that thread (android app) is dead… Might have to run with what he did in windows???

Cheers, CD

Estaremos pendientes del lanzamiento. Saludos desde Guatemala, Centro América.

I was curious and tried a bit with my Android phone yesterday.
Installed Bluetooth GPS and Mobile Topographer Free. With Bluetooth GPS you can mock the phones GPS location with Reaches coordinate output, which will be used by Mobile Topographer Free. In the app you can create or import points and use the Drive Me function to get heading and distance informations while the app uses the phones magnetometer for the heading.

Maybe Mapit GIS works likewise or atleast you got a map view there.


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