Stakeout question

Is there any way for the reach to tell me where to stake in-between two points? Or do I have to actually go back into the survey software and add a point myself for the reach to stakeout a specific point?

Hi @madpuma13,

Sorry for the silence here!

As I understand, you want to stakeout a point in the center of the line segment. This sounds like a COGO feature. We’re looking into ways to implement it in ReachView 3 but for now we don’t have any ETA.

Currently, you can only calculate the point manually and enter its coordinates in your survey project.

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Hi @madpuma13,

Great news! We’re continually improving the Emlid Flow app. With the recent version of Emlid Flow, you can now stakeout points along the line. There is no need to create points between the 2 points for staking out.

You can learn more about the new stakeout feature here. Please note that you need a Survey subscription to work with lines.

We’re happy to hear your thoughts on this!