Stakeout of lines and orientation of phone during stakeout

I have been using the Stakeout functionality of Flow in the field and have a couple of requests.

  1. Can you make a video or tutorial about use of the stakeout function including staking out along a line. I can stakeout points OK but I dont understand the line functionality very well.

  2. When staking out, how do you orient yourself to know whether to move left, right ,forward or backward. I tried orienting the phone to the approximate north however when it was dark this was hard to determine without a compass. Is there a compass in the app or a separate compass app that can be overlaid on the screen. How do folks deal with this? With a lot of points to stake out, the time taken to home in on each point adds up.



Hi John,

Sorry for the silence in this thread!

We have a guide in the Emlid Flow docs that describes staking out along the line, with a chainage, and with an offset. I think it might give you a hand with using this functionality.

When staking out, you can keep in mind that the map in the app is oriented to the north. Also, you can navigate by objects from the satellite map. And yep, I see that having a compass can make this process much easier. I’ll note your feature request for it and pass it on to the team. If we have any updates on it, I’ll share them in this thread.

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Hi John,

Just wanted to share an update that we’ve modified the stakeout interface. Now you can see the Azimuth info in the stakeout mode By direction.

Feel free to update the Emlid Flow and test it out!

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