Stakeout line created not showing correct length

Hi everyone, a quick suggestion, the accuracy of line length when I have created a line to stakeout is only to the nearest 100m if over 1km unless I’m mistaken.
Is it possible to get this much more accurate (say at least 1m)??
The line below is actually 4.98169km long, not 5km…or is it possible to get the actual length somewhere else in emlid flow?

En la actualizacion a Emlid Flow, ya no pusieron los 2 decimales en distancias mayores a 100mts, en 1 kilometro me imagino que ya ni un decimal aparece solo medida redondeada, mal por emlid, deberian de volver a ponerle la aproximacion en las medidas, pues cuando no traes proyecto para replanteo cargado en Emlid Flow, no se puede replantear algun punto o linea que cuente con medidas en decimales, andamos de adivinos.

Hi Andrew,

For now, there’s no option to get more fraction digits in the line length value. But we have COGO features in plans, and they should help with it.

Can you please share more details about your application? What are the usual steps of your workflow and the final goal?

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Hi Gabriel,

Please keep the conversation in English in the public part of the forum. This way, everyone can participate in the discussion.


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Habria manera de crear lineas a partir de los puntos levantandos en el sofware de flow?, en ocasiones se requieren despues para, calcular las distancias entre puntos, ya que solo las lineas traen la informacion de la distancia

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