Stake out with Reach View 3

I would like to know if others see this problem when setting out with reach view 3.

When I was doing stakeout work and I am already a few cm from the point to be marked, in the reach view 2 application the screen appeared with the point in green as shown in the first image. This was very practical since it showed in a graphical way if you are far or near and where to move the equipment to get to the point.

The reach view 3 application does not have it and it was extremely slow for me.


Hi @raulmazzucco,

Thank you for the request! There are indeed some differences in the Stakeout GUI of the apps. We’ll consider adding the green marker to future versions of ReachView 3.

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Hi @raulmazzucco,

it was extremely slow for me

Do you work with the latest ReachView 3 version? In case you face any issues with ReachView 3 performance, please elaborate on it. It will help me check what might be wrong.

Do you know if Reachview 3 will be able to stake to a line in the future?

I am working with version 5.6.
In addition to those described above, when I try to find a point to stake out from the list (attached image) it does not appear, I must select it from the map. This makes the process even slower.

Hi @leebodces,

We’ll consider adding lines stakeout in the future ReachView 3 versions. Thanks for suggesting.

Hi @raulmazzucco,

Could you please elaborate a bit on the issue? What happens when you tap on a point from the list? I’ve just checked that I can choose a point for stakeout this way fine.

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