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dear people, I am looking for the best software to connect the emlid rs2 to, for a large stake out job in the Netherlands, I know Emlid Flow but there might be a better solution out there. Anyone a good advice?

I would highly recommend Emlid Flow Survey+ but you need to look at their docs to make sure it will have all the features you require. Beyond that I would recommend Microsurvey FieldGenius for Android or if you really need more functionality go for full Fieldgenius for Windows. All depends on how much on-screen calculating and cogo you need.

Introduction | Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360

The Survey subscription adds some functionality that you may or may not need.


Thank you, I have a flow subscription but looking for others, I’ll have a look at the ones you are referring to

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+1 for FieldGenius Windows (or Android WIP).

Free 30 point limit demos at


How would u compare field genius for android vs windows? I’m wondering will field g improve android
To help with roading features like the windows version to collect x section of roadway quickly
And area calcs

android version has a long way to go to have a the windows features

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Yes. Feels a very long way to go even though they have implemented a lot lately.

Windows is full featured period. It has robotic total station support also. Which apparently the Android ahould be getting soon… just hope they dont “limit” it by not supporting older but very still useable models.

The file systems for the projects are different also… so have to export/import between the 2 if need be. I.e. cannot just save projects to a central cloud server and work from them directly using either windows or android versions.

Android is more lightweight, battery efficient overall and cheaper equipment versus Windows setups… but the functionality tradeoff is why i prefer the Windows setup. Just make sure u get a solid tablet that has great battery life and cooling.

Windows you can also install full fledge Autocad and the like, versus jumping through hoops on Android.

If the Android was where it needs to be, then Android for maximum lighweight portability a… but cannot wait years for that… hell, Emlid Flow is just beginning after all this time and nowhere near FieldGenius level.

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Agreed. It is great for most non-Surveyors but it definitely lacks some heavier calculating functionality which is expected.


I recently used Field Genius for Android, to stake out a 27 hectare DTM surface. It really struggled, even after we reduced the resolution by recreating the DTM file from a 2m grid in 12D, and split it into 3 separate files, to reduce the load at any one time for Android. By the time we imported all the strings and points, for the tailings storage facility embankments, batters, keyway, diversion drains etc. it was really slow and unstable (crashing every few hours). Based on my experience, if you have a topologically dense setout dataset, I would tend towards windows.

We were using a new Samsung Tab Active 3 rugged Android tablet with 128GB of memory. I love these devices, but I feel like AndroidOS and the power of Android tablets is not there yet. How can we shoehorn a Mac M2 chip into an Android tablet?! :thinking:

We also have Carlson Layout for Android and again with a bunch of strings and ~1200 setout points (on another tailings dam project, only 10Ha in size), it also ran slow, but at least it did not crash. We also staked surfaces with this software, but the file was nowhere near as large, as the surface was not as complex.

Perhaps @detailsurvey would have more to say on the relative merits between these two choices?

Hope this helps… Alistair

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Hello, we distribute tcpGPS software, you can download a demo version from the play store

If you need more information:

Could you possibly describe how you could accomplish solving some of the issues you are seeing in this thread? I don’t see a very detailed accounting on your website. Some of the more pertinent issues to the group seems to be localization, surface stakeout and stake by line. Otherwise this just seems like an advertisement.

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Points or lines can be set out and you can designate them graphically or by different criteria (point number, code…).
You can also load different layers (dxf, dwg, kml, gml, Shape, wms).
The best thing is to download the demo version so you can see if the software is useful for what you need.

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