Stake out points in local coordinate system

I would like to stake out some points in a local coordinate system. I can successfully import those points into emlid flow. However when I would like to show those points on the map, there is a message saying that I cannot display those points on the map since global coordinate information is missing.
Did I understand this correctly: I need to add global coordinate information to each point so I can display those points on the map?

Assuming your local co-ordinates and your local datum match, it should not have an issue importing the points.

Check when you set up your project that you are on the right local datum before importing your points. Also check your points are in the correct units (such as PENZD and not LLH) perhaps?


Thank you Joel, in the end it was a simple mistake, “northing” and “easting” was switched in the csv header…

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Hi Martin,

I’m glad to hear it’s figured out now! It was a good idea to double-check the northing and easting values.

When you import points in local coordinates to Emlid Flow, the app calculates their global coordinates to display them on the map. If the northing and easting values are switched, the calculated global coordinates may be non-existent. Thus, they cannot be displayed.