Stake out distance and vector missing

About a week ago I was trying to stake out and noticed the distance to stake and the vector line missing from my reachview 3 application. I updated both my M2’s and the application but no change was noted.

Is there something I need to test or look for to get this working again?

When I get on site today I will try a blank project with local projection and a placed point to see if that solves the issue since the other project is local projection but imported points (wasn’t an issue historically)

I will also go over both devices again to make sure nothing is loose and try a standard projection with the above test.


It seems it is the dataset I imported … other datasets work fine, and if I put my own point down it works but this dataset doesn’t work. Going to investigate how it might be different than the others.

Hi Burton,

We’d love to take part in this investigation as well.

To look into that, we need the following data from you:

  • The dataset with which ReachView 3 works as expected
  • The dataset with which ReachView 3 misbehaves
  • The screencast showing what exactly goes wrong

Update: it would appear the stake out feature requires a name to not be blank or empty for it to work … I reuploaded the same dataset with the name field populated and the stakeout started to work again

Hi Burton,

Thanks for sharing your findings! We’ll see if we can manage this in the app to not mislead anyone in the future.

As a developer this doesn’t seem like a hard fix to me … just changing the function from requiring a name field to making it conditional would be enough … either that or you lockdown imports so a name field is required and would block uploading data without one.

BTW … absolutely love this product … we bought it when we purchased our property and have used it and QGIS along with our drone to plan and map everything from natural assets, access, tree locations, and footings for our building. It makes thing so fast to stake at the property it isn’t even a pain to see where our progress is at and where it needs to go.

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