Stake DTM

Subject: Feature Suggestion: Stake DTM Function on Emlid Flow

Hi there,

I want to express my gratitude for developing an outstanding GNSS receiver and the associated software. I have a suggestion that could further enhance its capabilities.

Considering the prevalent use of GNSS rovers in earthworks and mining within the surveying industry, I recommend the development of a “Stake DTM” function on Emlid Flow. This feature could significantly simplify various processes at the field.

Thank you for your attention to this suggestion.



This is a great feature request and has been discussed quite a bit. Feel free to join the existing thread!

Hi Tuv,

Thanks for your warm words! Happy to know you enjoy working with our receivers and software :slight_smile:

Sure, I see how DTM surfaces can come in handy. Michael shared a thread with a similar request, and I can confirm that this feature request has been passed to the team for consideration. And we will note your +1 for it as well. Thank you for bringing it up!