Stackout without zooming (2D/3D) for fast work

Hi All,

It is possible or not if I need to stackout each point (estimated 1000 point per day) without zooming and enough with accuracy <15cm. Means every time i walk and nearby to the point, the apps will just give notification/indication such as “bip” “bip” sound.

For current practice we need to select the point and stackout, the zooming (2D/3D) will appear. The zooming screen make the work slow because for next point we need to find and select for the next stackout. Repeating for every point will increase the time.

For my application I need to stackout atleast 1000 point per day.

Anyone can help?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Emlid. I think I agree with @arfadzlin2 here. I’m collecting over 1000 points to provide a topographic map for a government project and 2 factors have hindered/slowed my work drastically. The 1st is as stated by @arfadzlin2 here. You always have to zoom in to the next point you want to stake and collect. It would be great if the interface stays at the zoom you made before collecting a point. The 2nd is, I would say out of your jurisdiction. It made me think twice about finally agreeing to get a data logger. The hot sun kept heating and burning my huawei mate 9. I was getting constantly notification my phone was too hot and had to cool down before I could reuse it. It took me to lots of breaks even though I normally don’t take breaks on site​:smiley::smiley::smiley:


Closing in on a point with sound would be nice indeed.
Just the sound part would reduce some challenges people would have.


Hi @arfadzlin2, @richie1aubyn, @TB_RTK,

Thanks for the feature requests!

We’ll consider how we can make the stakeout more comfortable.


Hi @polina.buriak,

Thank you for your consideration.

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