SSH to Reach and Reach RS and use command line to start and stop raw data logging

Hey Emlid folks,

I have being using Reach and Reach RS for quite a while and very happy about their performances. Good Job guys. Now I want to write some automation about my project and want to ask is it possible to use command line to start and stop raw data logging? I know we can easily turn logging on and off in Reachview but I would like this to be done by ssh to the units and from command line. Please assist! Thanks very much!



I am also looking for this exact same thing

Login and password:
  • login: reach
  • password: reach

Note that for the latest beta images this has changed and the new login credentials are:

  • login: root
  • password: emlidreach


At the moment this is not possible. There is an API in the works, that will solve your problem.

Thanks Egor for your reply. Really looking forward to the APIs, is the API likely to be released within 2017?

I can’t promise anything, but I think so.

Hey Egor, How can I use SSH now? The link you posted keeps linking back and forth between two links. Can you please tell me how to SSH to reach? I would like to read the IMU data.

Not sure this is what you are looking for but could help others.


Hey thank you so much. I think using Filezilla seems like an easier way than the Mac command line!
Thanks, this was what I was looking for :dancer:

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