Sporadic "LoRa is not connected" message

Version 2.16.2
Reach RS+ base station with Reach M+ rover equipped with LoRa radio

I am getting a lot of messages in Reachview (Base Mode) that report “LoRa is not connected”. The rover appears to be getting corrections because it does “fix” though often falling back to “float”. It does seem to see corrections from the base coming over the LoRa radio link. I have not wandered far from the base station (<100m). The radios are both tuned to 910 MHz and the output power is set to 20 dBm and the air data rate is 9.11 kb/s. I don’t have a good feel what these last two settings should be - I assume that if I tweaked them the message would either no longer appear or at least less frequently and for shorter durations (it can show this message for long periods of time >30 s). I would appreciate recommendations on what to use for settings on the LoRa.

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Today, LoRa was working well for me around 1 and 2 storey houses. I was working at maximum 100m range. I found that I had to orient the antenna when at 100m though. Also there was no line-of-sight for 6 of the farthest points and it still worked fine.

My LoRa settings were: 14dBm; 18.23kb/s.

Hi @nijoe,

Could you please describe the power LED behavior on LoRa module when this message appears?

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