Spektrum DSMX receiver connection to NAVIO2

I am planning to connect a Spektrum DSMX satellite receiver to NAVIO2 running Arduplane.

I have already successfully interfaced this type of receiver to Matek flight controllers running Arduplane as they usually use one of the UART RX pins for input which accepts the one wire input signal.

Is a similar type of connection feasible for a NAVIO2 and if so which is the appropriate input pin ?

Many thanks.

As far as i know, the easiest way for RC with navio is PPM. So if you want something simple i would use a translator to PPM.

If you want to do this that way, as the Navio2 is connected to the Raspberry you should be able to use a USB to UART and connect it there. Afterwards remap the signal and send it to the Navio.
This option requires a bit of programming though.

Hi @thebod769,

If I got it correctly, such a receiver works with an SRXL1/2 protocol. But Navio2 supports PPM and SBUS RC input only. Maybe, you can use some kind of converter, as Aloe mentioned, but I can hardly say how this works.

Many thanks for the feedback. I did manage to make it work a few months ago using a PPM converter but I was hoping to be able to avoid this as well as being to use just the Spektrum satellite receiver directly.

Many thanks to everyone for taking the time to look at my query.

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