Specs For Reach M2 Multiband GNSS Antenna

Hello All.

I would like to use the Reach M2 UAV RTK Kit with a portable magnetometer system that I am putting together.
However these mags are so sensitive, that any conventional GPS antenna (including the one that comes with this kit) will interfere with readings and cause severe heading error.
The solution that I am going for, is to have a non-ferromagnetic antenna custom built for my purposes.

What I need, are the specification for the M2 Multiband GNSS Antenna that comes with this kit. The needed information would include not only electrical specs, but specific bands that the antenna would need to be sensitive to. Multiband implies various band widths that the antenna would be sensative to, and that any onboard RF preamp would need to be tuned for. I looked for this info in the specs for the M2 but I didn’t find this level of info.

Does anyone here have a spec sheet for the antenna that Emlid recommends/ships with the M2? If I’m going to go to the expense of building a custom antenna, it really should be sensitive to all of the bandwidths that the M2 requires, in order to take best advantage of the M2’s capabilities.
Any help will be very appreciated.

Jim Butler

Hi Jim,

The antenna is capable of tracking the following signals:

  • BeiDou B1I, B2I
  • Galileo E1-B/C, E5b

You can check the electrical specs for the Reach M2 in the specification on the website.

Another question I’m throwing at emlid’s management:

Where should the m2 antenna reference be taken? At the base?

The distances are from the base of the antenna, I thought there was a pic I saw somewhere here, can’t find though

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