SparkFun Satellite Transceiver Kit - Swarm M138

SparkFun Satellite Transceiver Kit - Swarm M138 is this can it work to rs2 radio transceiver

Hi @willstar_beleno,

Can you please elaborate more on what your desired setup is with this kit and RS2? Do you want to use it for transmitting NMEA messages?


The Swarm system can only send messages of 192 bytes, and you are capped to around 1 message per hour.

If the idea is to use it for differential correction, this is not the right tool.

We have considered it for our remote weather stations, which is a suitable use case.


yes, if it can use to transmit correction

Hi @willstar_beleno,

It’s hardly possible to use it to transmit the correction messages to Reach RS2. I’m still not sure how this device is supposed to work, but based on Gabriel’s comments, this system has an extremely low data transfer rate. So it might only be used for some message transmission, not for corrections. But the use case here is really narrow.

What are you trying to accomplish? We may be able to suggest a more suitable setup for you.

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