Sound alerts on RS2

Sound Alerts are barely heard, despite setting the volume to maximum in Reach View.
Reach firmware: 26 Beta 1.

Hi Víctor,

Thanks for the report! We’ll test it with our devices and I get back to you.

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Hello there,

I have the exact same problem, I can barely hear when the antenna switch from Float to Fix and the reverse, although the sound volume is set to maximum in the settings.
When I select the volume level in the settings, I can hear the volume indication beep loud and clear so it is not a hardware problem (the speaker), it’s a software one.

According to me it’s not related to the 26 beta 1 firmware. I have experienced this problem for weeks now, well before the 26 beta 1 firmware release.

Would love to get a fix for this problem.

Have a nice day!

Hi Rom,

Thanks for the report! We’re looking into this issue. I’ll keep you posted.

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