Sonar Sensor on Navio 2 Running ArduRover 2.51

I’ve been having trouble getting the sonar sensor to show a voltage/ distance on mission planner. I am currently using a
LV Maxsonar -EZ by maxbotix. I have it the analog pin connected to the ADC3 port on the navio 2 and have set the rangefinder parameters to pin 5, and to read analog with rngfnd rmetric off. When i go to sys/kernel/rcio/adc and check ch5 in terminal, I get a value that changes as objects get closer/further from the sensor. Any input is appreciated, thanks!

It is mystically showing voltage and distance now perfectly about half an hour after writing the post, and works with the autopilot. Don’t know what changed.

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Does this mean the Navio 2 with the Raspberry Pi can land and take off more smoothly with this sensor mounted on a UAV?

Would it do so during an automission, too?