Some problem about RTKNAVI and STRSVR

Hi all,
Here is a file explain what I have down and the problem I have meet.Can
you give me some advice? Thank you very much!

I want to use two Ublox 6T to test the RTKLIB, I setup the base station and the rover station,But after nearly 20 minutes I didn’t get float or fix ,there is just single on the screen. Can you give me some advice?

My experiment is as follows:

Two Ublox Lea-6t-0-001 receivers;
3DR Radio 915Mhz;

RTKLIB V2.4.2;

3.Setup the base station

  1. Open the STRSVR.exe;

2)Setup the Input Options;

3)Use these Commands to get the raw data and close the NEMA data;

4)Setup the output options

5)Setup the Conversion option,Ublox to RTCM3

6)Setup the STRSVR options

7)Run the STRSVR;

4.Setup the rover station
1)Open the RTKNAVI.exe

2)Setup the Input Stream

3)Use Commands to get the raw data and close the NEMA data;

4)Setup the options

5)Setup the positions options (Maybe some thing is wrong here,but I don’t know)

6)Run the RTKNAVI,after 20 minute there is just SINGLE,the BASE SNR is NONE

7)From the RKTNAV Monitor the Base station massage is below

Can anybody help me? Thank you!

Thank you everyone I solve this problem.

Hi, how you solved the problem?

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HI , Can you help me to use RTKLIB at kinematic mode

Hello Celani,
Can you describe your problem ?

What’s your problem?

Thanks for your reply.
my problem is i want to install the rtklib at kinematic mode and after i apply the following steps
1-install rover as the following RUL :enter link description here
the only difference between the steps explained at URL and which i apply is , I choose the base station at input as TCPClinet and write the port number (same as which i write at base station installation) .

2- install base station as the following URL: enter link description here

and after i press start it get single then float then single again .so can you help me to solve this problem .
I am using Ublox EVK-7P

Hello Teduav,
how do you set TCP connection on STRSVR? I have a problem about setting TCP server on STRSVR.
Can you help me?
Thank you!