[Solved] Will power module support my batteries?

I really prefer asking here before risking frying the rpi2 and brand new navio2. I just don’t understand the power module specs.

I have two Venom Flightpack 5000 25c that I wish to plug in parallel to the power module. I used these in the past with my dji 550 + Naza for longer flight times.

My new drone is a Tarot pro 680 with 6*30A ESC (opto).

The battery is 14.8V 4Cell 5000 25C and here are all of the specs that I can see on the sticker.

Weight: 541.47g
Charge Rate: 1C (5A)
Continuous Discharge: 25C (125A)
Min discharge volts per pack: 12V
Max Burst Rate: 35C (175A)
Max Volts per cell: 4.2V
Max Volts per pack: 16.8V
Watt hours: 64
14.8V 4Cell

I made a cable to have both batteries in parallel.

Do I risk damaging rpi2 and navio2 with this?

You can use a 4s lipo with the power module sold by Emlid. You say nothing about the motors you plan to use with your hexa, but with 30A ESC I suppose you have a max current of 25A.
This means 6 x 25A = 150A.
The power module is rated for 60A according to Emlid. It actually can sense up to 90A, but not if used with the Navio. Anyway, it is not suitable for your application.
You should use another Voltage/Current sensor, like the Attopilot and use a seperate BEC to power the Navio/RPi.

Thanks you Sebastian,

Your example clarified for me.
My motors are dualsky xm4010mr-6.5 which will probably draw near 25A.

I will look into Attopilot pcb.

@schuermannsebastian Good advice! Actually, on Navio2 ADC range is 6.6V instead of 3.3V on Navio+, so you can use power module up to 90A. Still probably not enough in this case.

Is there any reason the shop still says the power module is limited to 60A? It confused me, as I also read previous statements about the power module (over 60A --> 5V to Navio), and then I read in the wiki that the Navio2 expects 5V anyway.

It is still limited to 60A when using with Navio+, but can be used up to full 90A with Navio2.

Can I use the same 5v bec I use in the attopilot setup to also power the servo rail on the navio2?

Yes, you can.

I have the same issue as pierig, what should the rating and voltage be for the BEC?

5V, current depending on how many servos you intend to power. 2-4A is usually sufficient for most setups.