[SOLVED] Using sudo dpkg -i after 'wget'ing navies app does not work

Hi Emlid, I’m using a raspberry pi 2 with the navio 2 to make a quadcopter
i tried to wget the navio2-apm.deb in the rpi directly, after downloading the image onto my sd card.
After which, as i invoked the dpkg command to it using the parameter -i as the docs told me to,
it says that apm-navio2.deb is not a debian format archive.

i tried to then build the binaries manually as per the doc’s instructions for navio 2, but then when i invoked 'sudo ArduCopter-quad -A (udp settings and port)'
my rpi didnt recognise the commands… “command not found”.

could you please help me?

Sorry guys, it appears that I wrongly typed something. It works now , nevermind!