(SOLVED)Saving Data Before Wiping SD

I’m not sure what happened, but my navio no longer connects to wifi and when I hooked the pi to a screen, it shows EXT4 fs errors. So, I want to try it with a fresh image. Where is the file that has my parameters and settings stored? I’d rather not go through all the calibrations again. I can’t just connect to it and save them.

So, update. In the depths of the ext4 partition, the file with all the parameters is Arducopter.stg Or arduplane or whatever you’re using. It won’t load into mission/apmplanner like a regular param file, it has to be copied manually to the freshly created SD card.

Although I don’t know the answer to your specific question, I can give a tip to help prevent this later, the param profile file can be downloaded via mission planner to your pc for backup.

I have 4 param profiles for my octa, one for each of my configurations / payloads. I write the corisponding profile to the autopilot before the flight.