[SOLVED] New Issue

I can not get this thing to stabilize. It wants to flip to the right every time. I have gone through the calibration steps, all of them, at the very least 8 times. I am at the moment trying to search on google for a solution to this issue. Any one else here deal with this ever?

A few things that could be wrong:

  1. AHRS orientation
    USB connectors should point to the front of the copter, otherwise you must change AHRS orientation.

  2. Motors are not connected to the right outputs

  3. TX channel direction wrong

Excuse the numbering. In the edit window I have 1. 2. 3.

by motors not connected to the right outputs do you mean spinning in the correct orientation? If that is what you mean, then yeah i checked that and they are. As well as the props.

TX Channel direction wrong, I would see that in the radio calibration, would I not? If that is the case then it is correct as well. All I am doing is slowly raising the throttle until I see the quad start to lift, primarily on the left side. if I go any higher, it flips over. It never gets more than 6-7 inches off the ground, with the majority of that distance on the left side.

As far as the AHRS orientation, it is correct as well. The USB connectors on my RPi are facing the front.

Not only spinnning in the right direction, but they have to be connected in the right order:

And make sure the props are mounted with the right side up.

woo hoo!!! I GOT IT!!! I just flew it around the yard!!!

The only thing left is that is when I push up on the pitch stick, it goes backward instead of forward.

It would be nice if you told us what the problem was.
If pitch is working the wrong way around, you just have to change pitch channel direction in your TX.

I had the motors connected on the rail in the wrong order! LOL. Noob mistake I guess. I suppose I read at some point that the motors go in a correct order but I must have forgot. This is a lot of info for a beginner to process!

Thank you ALL, SO MUCH, for all the help you have given me, even if all it was at times was a nudge in the right direction.

VERY much appreciated!