[SOLVED] Connect to hotspot failed since firmware Update

Connection to Hotspot no longer works I have been using an RS+ since January 2021. with NTRIP (SAPOS). This requires an Internet connection, which I establish via hotspot with my iPhone SE or iPad. Since the update (Firmware 26.2), the hotspot connection no longer works. RS+ can no longer find the hotspot. Sometimes the connection takes place (blue rings in the display of the iPhone) but in ReachView 3 the RS+ is not displayed. If I try again to establish a connection to the hotspot after restarting the RS+, it is then regularly unsuccessful. I have tried it in different places even with very good mobile phone connection, without success. The search in the FAQ and forums did not bring any help, apparently I am the only one with the problem? Could it be due to a defect in the device, or that 3G is no longer available here? Connection with stationäre plan or intern RS±hotspot work great. I sent my request to support a while ago, but haven’t received a response yet. Can anyone help me here? Thanks Ingo

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Hi Ingo,

I’ve been in touch with you over email. Can you check please if my emails have reached you? Maybe they are in the junk folder?

Have you seen our video guide on how to connect the Reach device to the iOS hotspot? It’d be great if you can go through it once again and share at which step of the guide you faced an issue. It’ll help me to localize what goes wrong and solve it for you much faster.

Hi Andrei
I have send an email to you with System Report from RS+

I testet to connect with hotspot to day again:
The following procedure: iPhone settings hotspot open, RS+ turned on, after a short time RS+ has connected to the iPhone (blue rings). Open ReachView3-app, search for RS+, no “device to find”
RS+ switched off again and switched on again after a short waiting time, now there is no hotspot connection and can no longer be established even after repeated switching on and off

I just wanted to post an update on the issue as we moved troubleshooting to an email conversation.

Everything works smoothly after reconfiguration from scratch. Since the initial issue seems to be resolved, I’m closing this thread.