[SOLVED] Airspeed sensor for NAVIO+ /MPVX7002DP/

Small question to our guru guys.
I havent spot any useful info related to my Q.

How to connect Airspeed sensor - MPVX 7002DP to NAVIO ? What to set then?

I will really appreciate any help

Because noone answered, just posting how I did it.

On the bottom of NAVIO there are 4 pads.
Just connect + to 3v3, GND to GND, and analog to ADC2

In mission planner set airspeed to Enabled, check “Use Airspeed” check “Analog PIN 4” and make preflight calibration.

Works, not tested in the air though.


Maybe nobody had that sensor so couldn’t comment. But as you mastered it now, maybe you could add that to the Emlid documentation by submitting a GitHub edit?

I had one of those sensors a while ago but sent it back when I realized it didn’t make sense for a quadcopter (everyone is a newbie sometime :blush:). I might get another one now for some other builds, now I know it works. Thanks for posting back the solution.

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Sure I can do it, but never did it before. If U help, I will be glad.

@arrato Thanks for the information! You can add it to the documentation simply by editing the document on Github https://github.com/emlid/Docs/blob/master/docs/Navio-APM/hardware-setup-navio-plus.md and then pressing “make pull request”.