[SOLVED] After installing the image, startx :command not found


So finally installed the image on the SD card from this tutorial

when booting up I can write the pi login details but after typing the command startx it says " bash :startx:command not found. "
Anyone knows what that means? Also during the boot it says Fatal : spi-dev not found. Been trying to solve this for hours if not days, I saw a post about this but I don’t know how the user got it to work in the end .
I am using the RPi B+ with Navio+ and SD card of 8G.
Thanks !

I believe that image don’t have the graphical interface, not need it anyway, that’s why you receive that error.


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By no means am I an expert on this but I always get the same “fatal: spidev” readout, it does not cause a problem :blush: I think you are good to go!

You are right, this error means nothing. spi-dev is loaded later.

Thanks for the replies. How can I start the RPi if it says the command startx is not found ?

startx is for GUI, please use the command line interface instead.

So from Terminal on a Mac for example ?

Yes! Simply SSH using:

ssh pi@[RPI IP Adress]

Then enter password:


It’s working thanks a lot ! :slight_smile: