Solar Panel via DB9 cable

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I’m planning on buying a couple of Reach RS+ units, and wish to power them via solar hardwired into the appropriate wires coming out of the extension DB9 cable. Any possible problems with this? From the specs, looks like the RS+ can handle variable voltage up to 40V. Maybe I just need to solder in a couple of diodes to ensure current doesn’t flow back the wrong way?

Looking at a panel like this:

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In the meantime, search: solar

Some recent talk on this.

Yes and no. Purchase the CBL101 plain end cable for charging. If you still want a DE9 (DB9) connector, then you can attach one. The other cables (CBL102, CBL103) that come with a DE9 connector attached are for serial (RS232) communication only, not for charging.

So If I buy DE9 cables terminating into rs232’s, are the DC power cables still In the sheath? I.e can I crack open the cable and splice in DC power and still utilise the serial?



I don’t know for sure, but I would say yes. The CBL102 and CBL103 are no thinner than the CBL101, so they should all be in there.

The bigger question is did they terminate the wires in the connector at the Reach end!

Hmm, good point. Well, unless one of the emlid guys jump in, I’ll guniee pig it and bust one of the DE9 cables open and see if it’s terminated or not. Will post back here.



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