Sokkia base - Reach RS rovers

I have two Sokkia GRX 2 receivers (1 set up as base, 1 as rover) and 4 Reach RS receivers. I would like to set up a base + 5 rover system as follows:

Sokkia GRX 2 base + 1 Sokkia rover + 4 Emlid Reach RS rovers

The Sokkia system is controlled with a Topcon data collector running Magnet Field.

Is this possible? I assume so, but I don’t know about RTK transmission protocols.

Anybody know the basics of what I should do to get the Sokkia base to transmit corrections to the Emlid Reach? Frequency, protocol (RTCM XXX?), and any other info would be great. Thanks!

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They should be compatible on the protocol level, but not on the radio type. Real-time protocol is RTCM3 and RINEX for raw data post-processing.

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