Software-side restful API service for companies

we wanted to know if a RESTFUL API service connected to NTRIP Caster software or something else was available for companies.
Thanks in the meantime.

Hi @f.lombardini,

I saw that you also sent us an email. I suggest we continue there to keep the conversation in one place.

I responded to it. Could you please check your email when you have the chance?

Thank you!

Hi Ruth,
Thanks for the reply, however I can’t find the reply email you sent. I obviously also checked to see if it was spam or junk but it’s not there, could you check?

thanks, greetings and good work.

I replied to your email a few hours ago. I checked, and the email didn’t bounce. Could you please search for any emails from Thank you!

hi, I checked but I have nothing arriving, the strange thing is that the email notification of the reply to this thread arrives correctly… what can we do? Can I write to you privately via another email address?


Can you please share your email address with me? Alternatively, you can send another email to us at Thanks!

Hi, done I forwarded an email to from a different mailbox.
Thanks, see you soon!

Hi @f.lombardini,

I got your email and responded to it. Please check your mailbox. Thanks!