Software for simple site plan and measuring

Evening everyone,
I am looking for software recommendations for taking in survey points form my RS2+ and drawing dimensions and making points and lines (kinda like a cad style thing for surveying) then be able to go back in the field and stake out these measurements…. Obviously this is possible but I’m still new to surveying like this but have been using Emlids for grading for a couple years (just creating a slope in microsurvey FieldGenius and then staking out that slope)…. I’ve thought about microsurvey cad and have a trial of that right now but it’s a lot to start with lol. I’m just a farm kid who wants to measure out points of fields and boundaries and be able to measure out many different distances. I know I have the hardware to do it I just need to software now… I’m okay with buying some software for this project but obviously the more economical the better, thanks - Ian

One program I might suggest is QGIS.

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You can do everything you asked with flow360, also calculate area now!!

I would recommend any newbie to use flow as it has all the feature you need to draw lines add points and calculate area,point distance,line info, etc


You can add points and draw lines and angles

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Is there some documentation or tutorials because that would be really cool to be able to do it all in one place



Emlid_Flow_360_User_Documentation.pdf (5.5 MB)
Emlid_Flow_User_Documentation.pdf (5.4 MB)

There are many many options to import points, design, create drawings, export for staking etc. But may have a lot of hoops to jump through which you are not looking for.

If you need to use Coordinate Systems (i.e. State Planes, etc), then you’ll need to use software such as QGIS, AutoCAD Civil ($$$$), Revit ($$$$) MicroSurveyCAD.

Just a few if you don’t need to use Coordinate Systems :

Trimble Sketchup used with Layout




Hey Ian,

I agree with guys! Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360 will be just right for you!

To create new geometry, you can use Traverse. And here are the links to the guides about stakeout: for points and lines.

Some of these features are under the Survey plan. To get access to them, you can start a 30-day free trial of the app. Here is the link to learn more about it.

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Try SimpleGIS. It’s what I’m using. Great support as well.