SoftOSD - A software HUD for NAVIO+

This is the Project Page of SoftOSD the software HUD of NAVIO+.
In this project topic you will read about the releases of SoftOSD along with all the project news and upcoming releases.

Download Link for the base image you can find in the link below: -Hosted by a server owned by @0xCCD
Link to be added by the EMLID Server.

Latest Version 0.60
Download softOSD060.7z
Download unzip and replace executable in the softOSD folder.

Change Log.
a. Code Cleanup
b. Power Module major fix. Now the power module displays the Batt Volt and Current Draw in Amperes (A).
c. Compass fix (still not functional).
d. Cleaned up debug display in SoftOSD
e. Fine Tune of code and clean up.

It is highly recomended to use the latest version.

ToDO List

  1. Add XML Support and implement an xml file like property file. This file will be used to add your own parameters like
    FCC Callsign
    Battery Capacity and voltage like 3S 4000mAh
  2. Fix Compass (NAVIO+ Hard Iron Calibration)
  3. Implement Baterry voltage vs Battery Capacity Algorithm to calculate the Batt Capacity.
  4. GPS Implementation
  5. VSI and AoA calculation.
  6. MAP Implementation
  7. Mouse “like” implementation of a free channel of your Radio Trasmitter.

In the near future I will comclude in various gstream implementation with the softOSD to satisfy the the will of the community.

Post your comments regarding the current version and fixes or problems you might find.
Requests for features are also welcome.

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I’ve been working on data transfer for the pxfmini, and for various reasons decided to order a navio2. I’m implementing a second channel of wifibroadcast and will incorporate it into your project. All you will really get is mavlink data from mavproxy. I have been working on a data request program where the user can select whatever predefined or custom mavlink messages they with want to get back and stage two is to select mesages to send back. Is there a section of your project you would like me to tie in so we are not not both working on the same thing at the same time? I have a couple of days work left to get a set of data I’m selecting to work, then I’m starting on the user interface XML is a good idea. For starters is an XML file of requested mavlink messages enoigh to work with what you have in mind? I’m looking at you project right now to see what is there already, then I can send you my project to tie in wifibroadcast and mavproxy. Let me know what you think, and if you want me to work on somethimg we can both use…

All links broken, please provide new links

Guys, is there a link which is still active or that this project has been discontinued?