SNR mask in Emlid Studio

sorry, just to be a bit more clear: how does EMLID Studio apply the SNR mask when I set, e.g., “25” dBHz with and elevation mask equal to 15 degrees? filling only the first two columns with a unique value, right?
[I need to test EMLID against RTKlib due to -quite- different outputs but I’m not sure how to replicate EMLID settings in the RTKlib table]

Hi @nimar,

When you set elevation mask to 15 degrees, Emlid Studio excludes satellites lower this value from computation.

As for SNR, it’s quite similar. When you set 25 dBHz, signals with SNR lower than this value are excluded from calculations.

RTKLib has these parameters in the Settings1 tab:

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sorry, probably I was not that clear :slight_smile:
If on ES I apply the settings shown below, how do such settings be translated to RTKlib? like case a) or case b)?

Or I totally missed the point and the two masks are mutually exclusive?
BTW, thanks for taking the time!

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Your b) case is correct. You set SNR threshold to reject satellite signals for each 5 deg elevation bins. If both ʺRoverʺ and ʺBase Stationʺ checkboxes are unchecked, these SNR masks are not applied.

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