Smallest quad frame

I am looking for the smallest possible RTF ready-to-fly (read "attach controller only) frame for PXFmini. My controller may be Navio or rather the PXFmini by Erle Robotics.

Any suggestions welcome. I so far found the RJX80 80mm Micro but that is without motors, ESCs etc. I would preffer a more complete kit. In case you can not recommend a kit would someone be so kind to list their parts?

You are planing to use a RPi+Navio2 on a 80mm quad?!

Well I need something really small so I was thinking about PXFmini actually. But I thought people also may have experience with Navio on micro drones so that’s why I am asking here :).

Well I think RPi+Navio2 could fit the 80mm or maybe 100mm frame. It is only a question of how to mount it - the controllers could be mounted from the bottom of the frame not to interfere with the rotors…

This is an april fools joke, right?

No, it is not. Why should it be?

I am looking for ultra low cost drone mapping solution - to my knowledge the cheapest/simplest quad controller that can do GPS waypoint navigation and connect a camera is PXFmini (Linux + RPi camera or webcam). While Cleanflight may be able to do waypoint navigation I am affraid it is too simple for camera solution.

Ok. Sorry.
But you are asking for a solution using an 80 or 100mm quad frame.
An Inductrix FPV has a flying weight of just 24g for example.
A complete Navio setup, with RPi 3, GPS antenna, BEC, receiver etc. easily weighs 150g. How could you expect a micro quad to lift off with all that weight?

Well I am quite new to quads but because of weight I am considering RPi Zero + PXFmini. Was just wondering what may be the minimal setup people got up and running with Navio… Regarding weight - given enough powered motors that should not be a bit issue, right?

it’s a 210 frame;
you have better chances with realizing such a project with an airplane (maybe with removeable wings to keep it small)

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